We are a team of young professionals and college leaders whose mission is to inspire students to pursue their dream careers.

We meet with students 1:1 to provide personalized guidance to help them achieve success and pursue their career goals. We are passionate about giving back to the community and dedicate our time to help motivate others. 

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Los Angeles Core Team:

The Los Angeles Core Team was recently founded in May 2016. We are looking for more motivated professionals and leaders who are ready to inspire and provide career guidance for college students at UCLA, USC, and other Southern California universities. 


The Seattle Core Team works closely with the University of Washington and its many professional organizations to inspire students in the Pacific Northwest. The team is spearheaded by a group of bright young professionals working at top companies including Amazon and Microsoft, and augmented by top student leaders involved in multiple non-profits, fraternities, and beyond.

Seattle Team Associates:  Our Associates play a valuable role in to helping streamline communication, schedule client meetings and handle the support tasks and operations associated with Luminated Career Consulting.

Ma. Alssa Garcia, Evitha De Guzman, Sharlyn Aumentado, Jennifer Perez, and Angelica Marzan



If you believe in the Luminated charter and are passionate about inspiring students, we want to hear from you! 
We are always looking to grow and bring more growth-minded individuals to join our team.

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