We cordially invite you to join the Luminated Expert Network (LEN). We are looking to create a community of experienced professionals who believe in the Luminated Mission of inspiring others. 


What Luminated Experts Do: 


Being a Luminated Expert is an easy way for you to get involved with Luminated Career Consulting without significant time commitment and to have the opportunity to advise students remotely. 

  • Serve as Referral-based Experts:  We refer select students to our Expert Network for specialized industry advice

  • Contribute Professional Advice & Tips: We look to our Luminated Experts to provide advice and content for use in our blog and marketing outreach

  • Endorse & Advocate Luminated: Experts help Luminated grow by endorsing our services to other organizations and refer students to us

Ideal Candidate Traits:


We’re looking for professionals and student leaders with the perfect blend of empathy, energy, and enthusiasm who want to inspire others.


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