Foremost, thank you for your time and interest in supporting Luminated Career Consulting! We are looking to expand our team to inspire more students to pursue their dream careers. We are looking for motivated individuals who are excited to grow Luminated and believe in our mission of inspiring others.   


You will also have the opportunity to work closely with fellow Luminated Consultants who are passionate leaders just like yourself. This is an amazing opportunity to give back and help others, network with fellow professionals, and to apply your skills & expertise in a fulfilling way. 


What Luminated Partners Do:


We are looking for dedicated leaders with experience and passion for giving back to join the Luminated Team. Luminated Partners are hard-working, entrepreneurial and resourceful individuals that are looking to apply their unique skills and expertise in a fulfilling way. 


Luminated Partners Are Expected To:

  1. Support key projects and initiatives
  2. Create and bring new ideas to life
  3. Become an advocate and help identify new partnerships

Some of the current projects that we are working on includes: Content and Editorial Writing, Digital Marketing and Social Media Management, Event Planning, Photography, Web and Graphic Design.


Time Commitment:


Team meetings take place every 1-2 weeks for about an hour. Frequency is based on upcoming schedule of events.


Tell Us More:

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